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150+ ready to use

We have made more than 150 ready to use templates that will make your content writing 10x faster with better results that will increase your traffic, get you marks or improve your  e-Commerce store conversions.




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From e-Commerce to Research Papers, Jottingly is your all in one content writer.

Use Cases

Write Anything

Types of content Jottingly can help you with.

Blog Articles

Blog Articles

Write SEO Optimized Long-form articles in seconds.



Write high converting Ad copy for any media platform in seconds.

Research Papers

Research Papers

Improve your writing for academics for a better outcome.



Essays suck sometimes. Save time with our dedicated templates.

Audio to Text

Audio to Text

Convert Audio files to text at the click of a button.

Image Generation

Image Generation

Create images that fit your brand or project.

AI Writer

Write SEO optimized articles that drive traffics, Facebook or Google Ads that convert and a lot more.

AI Chat

Our AI Chat was made simple for every user with different AI Chats that makes it easier to get your results in seconds.

AI Academics

Write Essays, Research Papers and more with ease and accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions?

Does Jottingly AI use GPT-4?

Yes, Jottingly AI uses the latest AI models including Gemini and GPT-4o.

Can I change my Plan?

Yes, you can choose to upgrade or downgrade at anytime

Which Plan allows for Unlimited Words?

The Premium Plan allows for unlimited everything on Jottingly AI.

Is there an Plagiarism checker?

We just introduced our Plagiarism checker which is currently in Beta.

Does Jottingly AI have an AI detector?

Our platform has an AI detector built within your dashboard for your convinience.

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